Villa Comunitaria

Five lodging are inserted in the houses of the inhabitants of the Las Terrazas Community and are the ideal option for those who want a closer coexistence and exchange with the local culture. With its own bathroom, national television and telephone, and the presence of contemporary Cuban art. On the other hand, and for reasons of the topography in which the houses are located, some of the facilities for the disabled are not fulfilled.
Three community rooms owe their names to the combination of the name of the patriarch of the family with the name of the artist in charge of the decoration. The villa MarDu, merger of the peasant Margarito and the painter Jorge Duporté; CiriLes, the union of the worker Cirilo and the landscaper Léster Campa, local painter in charge of the work; and ModesCo, the merger between Modesto and the Cuban photographer Corrales, whose work decorates the latter.

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